Rapid Braking System (RBS)

Rapid Braking System (RBS) is an innovative product technology designed for India/Asia style two-wheel motorcycles.

RBS enables fast and stable deceleration of vehicles at high speeds, specifically during ‘panic’ braking.This technology is designed keeping in mind the need for a cost effective solution that can offer safety to riders.

RBS provides an alternative to antilock brakes. Antilock brakes require a lot of electronics and mechanical paraphernalia such as speed sensors, pulse width modulators and hydraulic braking. This technology is not available for mechanical drum brake driven vehicles which currently make up 99% of the market in Indian two wheeler segment. Less than 0.1% of the two wheelers have dual hydraulic brakes with Anti-lock braking systems on the road today.

Depending upon the road condition and weight distribution of the bike, RBS changes the braking ratio between the front and the rear in REAL TIME.

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Rapid Braking System (RBS) is available for licensing or purchase

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