NERV Power Recovery Brake

Imagine stopping your vehicle and recovering ALL the vehicle’s momentum energy - That is what NERV can do.

NERV is an acronym for “Nitro Electric Regenerative Vehicle”. It is a Regenerative Vehicle technology specifically Engineered for countries such as India, China, South East Asia where stop and go scenario is prevalent. It recovers the vehicle’s energy that would have been wasted during braking and stores it in the form of compressed fluid. This is then used to propel the vehicle and thereby reduce fuel consumption in stop and go situations. It boosts mileage by at least 10% and up to 40% based on heavy stop and go city driving. NERV uses displacement recovery method, whereas all othertechnologies in the world today use speed based recovery methods.

NERV Features:

NERV is 100% recyclable unlike Battery technology. It has no life limiting components that need to be discarded after certain years. This device lasts the entire lifetime of a vehicle. There are no precious metals, rare minerals, toxic fumes or gases. It has very high efficiency due to direct drive technology. There is no shelf life restrictions as well (product does not expire after some years, like batteries do).

NERV reduces the wear and tear on brakes (traditional brakes are untouched and still available for back up braking if desired by operator)

NERV increases starting torque by almost 50%.

NERV reduces emissions as vehicle engine pollutes the most during starting and this is avoided by boosting vehicle without engine power during takeoff.

NERV is 100% green with NO exhaust system or tail pipe, and costs a fraction of current hybrids and electric vehicles

NERV is designed to deliver 16.6% fuel savings on short cycle (50kmph max) on NEDC (standard Indian automotive baseline) and 7.3% fuel savings on full cycle (90 kmph max.)

NERV can be used as an after-market product on rear wheel drive vehicle and sold as a packaged kit. Front wheel drive vehicles would need to be an OEM product due to integration needs.

NERV is Unlike any other brake power recovery system.

NERV does not use batteries

NERV does not use an accumulator, pump or cylinders

NERV does not require an engine or exhaust pipe

NERV Benefits

Increases fuel efficiency in City driving

Lowers emissions in start and stop traffic

100% recyclability

Off the shelf materials

Low cost, fast implementation

Scalable for small & large vehicles

All in one unit

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NERV Regenerative Braking System is available for licensing or purchase

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